5603: Introduction to Information Services


  1. What countries border Czechoslovakia? (book)
  2. Find two people who used a phrase identical or similar to "have your cake and eat it too" prior to 1700 CE.
  3. Who was the second Secretary of Commerce in the United States, and what years did they serve? Why is the year 1913 significant in answering this question correctly? (book)
  4. When was the first item with a UPC symbol on it passed under a scanner to get the price at a store checkout?
  5. Where is ZIP code 15301? How many people lived there in 2000? (book)
  6. Pitch, yaw, roll, heave, and jounce: what do these terms have in common? Are any of them synonyms?
  7. How do I make a wine spodiodi? (book)
  8. What are other titles of the book “What Mrs. MacGillicuddy Saw?” Why?
  9. What are the Northernmost, Southernmost, Easternmost, and Westernmost points in the United States? (book)
  10. Could you give me the names, cities, and telephone numbers of 3 companies in Florida that produce drop-ceiling tiles? (book)
  11. Who are the United States Senators for Wyoming? What committees are they on? Who are the names of each senator's Chief of Staff in Washington, DC? What are their Washington, DC telephone numbers? (book)
  12. How does quinine work?
  13. What is the FOOTSIE? (book)
  14. What year was the Johnstown Flood?
  15. Are there any clubs for people who like to read science fiction novels?
  16. What’s the difference between a “straight six” and a “hard six”?
  17. What’s the connection between Harper Lee and Jack Dunphy?
  18. What is ASTM D-4236? What’s the common phrase associated with this code?
  19. Where can I find moldavites? I want to get them from the source, not buy them in a store. (book)
  20. What’s a “saltbox” house? (book)
  21. Where should I go to study horology? (book)
  22. What are the symptoms of arsenic poisoning? (book)
  23. I need a few poems about salamanders for children.
  24. Can you find me a recent book review of a book by Dorothy Sayers?
  25. What safety recalls have been issued for a 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX?
  26. How do I get to the information in STUMPERS-L?
  27. What are the names of Trixie Belden’s brothers?
  28. Where is Tuvalu and what is its significance to the World Wide Web?
  29. Where can I find a short obituary notice for author James Herriott?
  30. What’s the Broken Window Theory? Where exactly did it get its name?


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