lIS-5703 a4
Dr. Michelle Kazmer
H. Richmond Ackerman
April 24, 2003

Detail of etching: Two men on sailboat
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<titleproper pubstatus="pub" extent="all">
The Nathaniel Parker Willis Papers: American Scenery, 1837-1839
<subtitle>Subscription publication in 30 parts describing travels around America </subtitle>
<p>Finding aid privately published for Florida State University LIS5703.71, Spring, 2003</p>
<creation>Finding aid encoded in EAD 1.0 (XML) by H. Richmond Ackerman, <date>March 16, 2003</date>
<language> English</language>
<date> March 18, 2003</date>
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<date> April 2, 2003</date>
<item> Final revisions; fixed validation bugs </item>
<archdesc level="collection" langmaterial="eng" legalstatus="public" audience="external">
<did id="a1">
<head>Descriptive Summary</head>
<unittitle label="Title">American Scenery
<unitdate label="Date Span" type="inclusive">1837-1839</unitdate>
<physdesc label="Quantity">Thirty parts</physdesc>
<repository label="repository">Privately held by H. Richmond Ackerman</repository>
<origination><persname>Nathaniel Parker Willis</persname></origination>
<physloc audience="internal">The physical items are in the possession of H. Richmond Ackerman.</physloc>
<abstract label="Abstract">A set of thirty printed parts describing travels around America, each containing four engravings by William Henry Bartlett. These were sold by subscription. Printed in two volumes as first edition in 1840.</abstract>
<custodhist id="a16">
<p>An order was placed for this printing with Henry Sotheran, Ltd, a London bookseller, by Harvey Ladew Williams in 1952. In 1985 a copy of the printing was found, offered to, and purchased by Williams. They remained in Williams' possession until his death in 1986. At that point the collection was inherited by H. Richmond Ackerman.</p>
<accessrestrict id="a14">
<head>Access Restrictions</head>
<p>Open to qualified researchers.</p>
<p>Appointments can be privately arranged.</p>
<userestrict id="a15">
<head>Use Restrictions</head>
<p>Proper credit must be given for uses described. Please credit "Ackerman Archives - H. Richmond Ackerman"</p>
<p>Permission for other uses must be granted in writing.</p>
<bioghist id="a2">
<head>Biographical Note</head>
<p>B. January 20, 1806 Portland, Me. d. January 20, 1867</p>
<p>Editor, poet, writer</p>
<p>Emp: Editor, The Legendary (1828); Editor, The Token, 1829; Founder and editor, The American Monthly Magazine (1829 - 1832) </p>
<p>Education: B.A. Yale College, 1827</p>
<p>Married (1) 1835, Mary Leighton Stace (2) 1845, Miss Grinnell; s. Nathaniel Parker Willis, Jr.</p>
<scopecontent id="a3">
<head>Scope and Content Note</head>
<p>This collection includes the contents of thirty publications sold by subscription in 1837-1839.</p>
<organization id="a4">
<p>The records have been organized into one series.</p>
<p> The "Container" section lists each separate publication with chapter headings and a list of illustrations.</p>
<arrangement id="a5">
<p>The publications are arranged chronologically in the order in which they were written.</p>
<controlaccess id="a12">
<head>Access Points</head>
<controlaccess><head>Subject Names:</head>
<persname role="subject">Willis, Nathaniel Parker</persname>
<subject >(specifically excluded from assignnment)</subject>
<head>Subject Places:</head>
<geogname role="subject" source="lcsh">(specifically excluded from assignnment)</geogname>
<dsc id="a23" type="combined">
<head>Container List</head>
<c01 level="series">
<did><unittitle>American scenery; or, land, lake, and river illustrations of transatlantic nature. From drawings by W. H. Bartlett, engraved in the first style of the art, by R. Wallis, J. Cousen, Willmore, Brandard, Adlard, Richardson, etc. The literary department by N. P. Willis, Esq. Author of "Pencillings by the way," "Inklings of Adventure," etc.</unittitle></did>
<scopecontent><p>There is only one container; it is a box of 30 printings. A detailed list of what is in each part is beyond the reach of this finding aid.</p></scopecontent>


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