lIS-5703 a4
Dr. Michelle Kazmer
H. Richmond Ackerman
April 24, 2003

etching detail of man on raft

library of congress classification


E165 (optional, probably wrong: .W55)


5th edition.


I looked at the overall categories and decided that “E-F History: America” was most promising. After requesting the book I was shown into a locked back office where I was permitted to read the schedule. I skimmed the entire outline of the E's and F's and found three areas with potential:

151 – 169.12 US General
179.5 Historical geography
337.8 – 400 Early 19th century 1801/1845

Scanning the first led to 161.3, Geography – Description and travel. 165 is period 1812-1844. Bingo!

179 was ruled out because it is for special geographical topics like floods and disasters.

337.8 – 400 was ruled out because it is for specific people and places.

The Cutter Number construction is a guess based on a table found on the Library of Congress website. (2002) I think it should be W55; the LOC uses W73. I don’t have access to the full set of Cutter tables so I don't know how to resolve the discrepancy.


WorldCat put this at E165.

Library of Congress has E165.W73


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