Rich Ackerman
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  • Now working at Nova Southeastern University managing electronic resources for the library
  • 2005 finished a masters degree program in FSU's School of Information Studies. I posted a few class projects online: for Information Retrieval, vector model, math, and MARC; for Information Organization 5703, Amazon explorer, and classification of American Scenery (1840); for Reference Services 5603; for Usability Analysis 5275; and for Digital Libraries, the Ackerman Archives.

For fun...

  • Idiom Collection A Yahooligans winner I wrote; over a thousand reader-contributed English language idioms and comments. Great for English as a second language, with lots of international contributors. Thanks to you all!
  • Reading Counts HTML Generator - mini-app I wrote for children's librarians to help put your Scholastic Reading Counts™ book list on your website.


  • Stories of ancestors and present-day Ackerpeople are in the Ackerman Archives. World War I, Marble Cemetery of New York, N.P. Willis, Fanny Fern, topiary, lots of interesting stuff.

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