amazon_functions for PHP (Version 0.9)
Making the work with™ Web Services Version 1.0 much easier


Performs a search for an author and returns his books in an array with the parsed XML-result

amazon_search_author(var name [, int type [, int page [, int format]]])

With this function you can query amazon™ for books by an author defined by name. Firstname and lastname can be separated by space. Setting the type is optional: It gives you the possibility to determine the volume of the reply. LIGHT(default) returns less product-information than HEAVY.
A search you perform with this function returns up to 10 products. If you want to get more products, you can define that the result is not page #1(default), but f.e. page "2". So you don't receive the first 10 products, but products 11-20 - "3" would return the products 21-30...
If you are able to create XSL pages, you can set the URL of such a page as format (f.e. "") and the result of this function won't be an array, but the XSL with the data the search returned.

Example 1. Get products 1-10 from author "Stephen King":

$Reply=amazon_search_author("Stephen King");

Example 2. Get products 11-20 from author "Stephen King" in the heavy version (more data):

$Reply=amazon_search_author("Stephen King","HEAVY","2");

If you want to know how to work with the array the search returnes, please have a look at Work with the search reply.

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