amazon_functions for PHP (Version 0.9)
Making the work with™ Web Services Version 1.0 much easier


Performs a search for a manufacturer and returns the matching products in an array with the parsed XML-result

amazon_search_manufacturer(var name, int mode [, int type [, int page [, int format]]])

With this function you can query amazon™ for products by an manufacturer defined by name. Different words can be separated by space. The mode defines the mode the search results should have (valid are "dvd","vhs" and "video"). Setting the type is optional: It gives you the possibility to determine the volume of the reply. LIGHT(default) returns less product-information than HEAVY.
A search you perform with this function returns up to 10 products. If you want to get more products, you can define that the result is not page #1(default), but f.e. page "2". So you don't receive the first 10 products, but products 11-20 - "3" would return the products 21-30 ...
If you are able to create XSL pages, you can set the URL of such a page as format (f.e. "") and the result of this function won't be an array, but the XSL with the data the search returned.

Example 1. Get dvds 1-10 from manufacturer "MGM":


Example 2. Get products 11-20 from manufacturer "Underground records" in the heavy version (more data):

$Reply=amazon_search_manufacturer("Underground records","music","HEAVY","2");

If you want to know how to work with the array the search returnes, please have a look at Work with the search reply.

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