amazon_functions for PHP (Version 0.9)
Making the work with™ Web Services Version 1.0 much easier

The amazon_functions are developed to make the life of programmers using the™ XML-API a little bit more cosy. They include a caching XML-parser, functions to ease the search, retrieve the current modes and browsenodes, and automate the creation of "Add to cart"-forms, productslists and detailed product information. Free for non-commercial websites with referral fees up to 50$/quarter, all others please contact for registering.

1. Setup
The Developers Token - Learn more about how to get an™ developers token
Some vars - There are some vars that need to be added to the function-file before getting started
Include - Find out how to include the amazon_functions

2. Functions
amazon_modes - Returns an array of the valid amazon modes
amazon_browsenodes - Returns an array of a modes' valid browsenodes
amazon_search - Performs a search
amazon_search_keyword - Performs a keyword-search
amazon_search_author - Performs a search for an author
amazon_search_artist - Performs a search for an artist
amazon_search_actor - Performs a search for an actor
amazon_search_director - Performs a search for a director
amazon_search_manufacturer - Performs a search for a manufacturer
amazon_search_asin - Performs a search for an asin
amazon_search_isbn - Performs a search for an isbn
amazon_search_upc - Performs a search for a upc
amazon_search_similarity - Performs a similarity-search on a product
amazon_browse_node - Returns an array with the parsed XML-result for a selected browsenode
amazon_browse_listmania - Returns an array with the parsed XML-result for a selected listmania-list
amazon_create_cartform - Generates an HTML-Table to add a given ASIN to the amazon shopping-cart
amazon_create_searchform - Generates an HTML-Table with a standarized searchform
amazon_create_teaserlist - Generates a short teaser-list in HTML-format
amazon_create_productlist - Generates a product-list in HTML-format
amazon_create_productinfo - Generates a product-description in HTML-format
amazon_calculate_savings - Calculates the savings on a reduced product

3. Usage
Work with the search reply - Find out how to use the array that is replied by the search functions
Replyarray-keys - What are the keys of the reply-array?

4. Links - Get the latest version of the amazon_functions and this documentation - Create your free ready-to-run associatesshop in 2 minutes - Amazon™ Web Services Central - Official Discussion Board for Amazon™ XML Developers

5. Rating
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