amazon_functions for PHP (Version 0.9)
Making the work with™ Web Services Version 1.0 much easier

Some vars...

To get startet you just need to set some vars in the file "amazon_functions.php". Open the file and set the variable $amazon_developer_token with the developers token you obtained from amazon™ (learn here how to get one). The second var $amazon_associates_id is optional - if you have one, you can set your associates-id here. In this case the product-links returned by amazon and shopping-cart-buttons already contain your id (please check this with a little test).
If you want to change the caching-settings feel free to change the directory for caching ($amazon_xml_cache_dir) and the time after which the files will be reloaded ($amazon_xml_cache_maxtime). This time is set in seconds, so if you want to let the files be cached for one day (default), it is "86400". IMPORTANT: The remote file permission for the directory you choose to cache has to be in "write" mode.

Example 1. Setup your token & id:

$amazon_xml_cache_maxtime="86400"; # In seconds, 86400=one day

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