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My personal intellectual web on the subject of "open citation linking" is visually represented as:

Christine Borgman's article (#2) is the most heavily linked, with five connections to other documents in the web. White (#5) and Brin and Page (#9) each have three. Overall, there are eleven links. This set of documents is very thinly related; four articles have but a single tie to the web.

1 Date 2002
Authors Harnad S., Carr L.
Title Integrating, navigating, and analyzing open Eprint archives through open citation linking (the OpCit project)
WOK Format Ref CURR SCI INDIA 79 (5): 629-638 SEP 10 2000
Cross References (55, 5)

Cites: none

Cited by: #2, #3

2 Date 2002
Authors Borgman, C.
Title Scholarly communication and bibliometrics
WOK Format Ref ANNU REV INFORM SCI 36: 3-72 2002
Cross References (220, 5)

Cites: #1, #5, #8, #9

Cites 14 other papers by Cronin, but not the one I used; 5 others by White, plus #5. Does not cite Thelwall at all.

Cited by: #4

3 Date July, 2002
Authors Rusch-Feja D
Title The Open Archives Initiative and the OAI Protocol for Metadata Harvesting: rapidly forming a new tier in the scholarly communication infrastructure
WOK Format Ref LEARN PUBL 15 (3): 179-186 JUL 2002
Cross References (36, 1)

Cites: #1. Also cites seven other articles by Harnad.

Cited by: none

4 Date APR 2002
Authors Cronin B, Shaw D
Title Identity-creators and image-makers: Using citation analysis and thick description to put authors in their place
54 (1): 31-49 APR 2002
Cross References (14, 0)

Cites: #2, #5

Cited by: none

5 Date Jan 2001
Authors White HD
Title Authors as citers over time
WOK Format Ref J AM SOC INF SCI TEC 52 (2): 87-108 JAN 15 2001
Cross References (85, 6)

Cites: none

Cited by: #2, #4, #6

6 Date SEP 2001
Authors Goodrum AA, McCain KW, Lawrence S, Giles CL
Title Scholarly publishing in the Internet age: a citation analysis of computer science literature
WOK Format Ref INFORM PROCESS MANAG 37 (5): 661-675 SEP 2001
Cross References (24, 7)

Cites: #5

Cited by: #7

7 Date JAN 2003
Authors Vaughan L, Thelwall M
Title Scholarly use of the Web: What are the key inducers of links to journal Web sites?
WOK Format Ref J AM SOC INF SCI TEC 54 (1): 29-38 JAN 1 2003
Cross References (45, 0)

Cites: #6, #9

Cited by: none

8 Date 1999
Authors Atkins, H
Title "The ISI® Web of Science® - Links and Electronic Journals How links work today in the Web of Science, and the challenges posed by electronic journals"
WOK Format Ref n/a
Cross References (0, n/a)

Cites: none

Cited by: #2

9 Date 1998
Authors Brin S, Page L
Title The anatomy of a large-scale hypertextual Web search engine
WOK Format Ref COMPUT NETWORKS ISDN 30 (1-7): 107-117 APR 1998
Cross References (12, 37)

Cites: none

Cited by: #7, #2, #10

10 Date 2000
Authors Thelwall M
Title Commercial Web sites: lost in cyberspace?
WOK Format Ref INTERNET RES 10 (2): 150-159 2000
Cross References (21, 3)

Cites: #9

Cited by: none