lIS-5703 a4
Dr. Michelle Kazmer
H. Richmond Ackerman
April 24, 2003

Arch. detail of U.S. Capitol

Ackerman descriptive language

Author Nathaniel Parker Willis (1806-1867)
Illustrator William Henry Bartlett (1809 – 1854)
Short Title American Scenery
Full Title American scenery; or, land, lake, and river illustrations of transatlantic nature. From drawings by W. H. Bartlett, engraved in the first style of the art, by R. Wallis, J. Cousen, Willmore, Brandard, Adlard, Richardson, &c. The literary department by N. P. Willis, Esq. author of “Pencillings by the Way,” “Inklings of Adventure,” etc.
Subject Etchings and descriptive essays about prominent features, both natural and man made circa 1840 United States. Essays also include American history.
Number of parts 30
Size 28 cm.
Maps One is contained in Part 30: "The North Eastern Part of the United States." A route is traced in red ink on the map, presumably the path of the travels of the author and/or illustrator.
Illustrations 4 per part, 120 total, including frontispiece
Color Tan (Yale describes it as "buff")
Provenance Acquired by Harvey Richmond Ackerman in 1987 from estate of Harvey Ladew Williams.
Acquired in 1985 by Williams from Henry Southeran, Ltd, London, England, based on order placed in 1952.
Other known copies Yale University Library
Publisher George Virtue
Publisher Address 26, Ivy Lane
City of publication London
Years of publication 1837-1839
Condition Light foxing on some pages. Usage tears on covers. Duplicate covers for #13 and #22.


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